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We defend your IT & OT network communications by encrypting all binary data traffic at record speed, compatible with any OS or device, including GOOSE networks

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Encrypted Grid and AP4 Group Partnership

AP4 Group is foremost in maintenance and distribution for the power industry. The AP4 Group / Encrypted Grid partnership creates a dynamic business model. Together we innovate, solve and provide value ahead of schedule and without limits!

Tech Overview

Our system works in real-time. We currently encrypt and network IEC 61850 protocols in less than 0.07 milliseconds. We will NEVER bottleneck your system

Encrypted Grid uses a patent pending key management system. We do not send any key generation data ever. We operate outside the limitations of "true" synch

Encrypted Grid is hardware based. We are OS indifferent. We reduce the challenges of system updates

Encrypted Grid is a patented Variable Word Length encryption running at the binary level. It is ever-changing with over 10^512 Possible combinations  

Our Encryption method has minimal energy consumption and thermal radiation. Contact us for more details on how energy efficient our hardware is

Encrypted Grid  is equipment agnostic. Anything that works with TCP/IP protocol will be protected; Legacy Controls, HMI’s, DCS, RTU and Network Switches

Lightning Fast Encryption that greatly Exceeds U.S. Energy Sector and Military Requirements


Our Patented encryption technology and key management system changes how your secure your data in transit and at rest giving our partners peace of mind to handle the latest challenges and ensure the integrity of communication and data across their vast network.

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We partner with various industries in the critical infrastructure vertical, from electric power, nuclear power plants, oil & gas and across the vast partners that continue to drive economic growth, our technology supports any OS, device and network.

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Whether your create, sell, support or build hardware and software, our technology is a great fit to drive value, security and confidence for your customers.

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Our encryption method is non-algebraic, happens on the binary level, is ever-changing, and lives on stand-alone hardware units to eliminate backdoors and user error. Our numbers are legitimate and we would like to show you this tech working in real-time.