Encrypted Grid Tech

Encryption and Networking

Encrypted Grid fully encrypts and networks all OT protocols in less than 0.07 milliseconds including IEC 61850 (GOOSE). Our system works with all TCP/IP and UDP protocols
Encrypted Grid does not require replacing or upgrading existing firewalls, routers, or network switches. All networking and encryption is built into our custom FPGA (Fully Hardware based).
Encrypted Grid seamlessly overlays onto existing legacy systems and hardware, and Integrates into modern and future networks. There is no software. Not even a Linux kernel. Backdoor and Man-in-the-middle hacking is not possible with our fully hardware system.

Hardware based, variable word length encryption with over 10512 possible combinations


Full encryption and networking of all OT systems and protocols in under 0.07 milliseconds


Zero keys sent - A patent pending key management system that never sends any key data

Animated example of encryption process

Real-time Cyber Security Solution

Encrypted Grid uses a patented Variable Word Length encryption on our custom FPGA chip. It Operates at the binary level. The system is ever-changing with an astronomical 10512 possible states. This is 8.636 * 10434 more powerful than AES-256. Our Variable Word Length encryption is theoretically quantum proof.

Protecting the U.S. Power Grid

Encrypted Grid prevents Rogue Hackers and Nation States from causing regional / national blackouts. This is accomplished by encrypting real-time / supervisory IEC 61850 protocols. We stop attacks designed to damage equipment and  disrupt operations.

Encrypted Grid Key Management Animation
Encrypted Grid Key Management
Typical Key Management Animation
Typical Key Management

Spooky Key Management System

Encrypted Grid uses a revolutionary key management system. We never sends private/public keys or any key generation data. The system asynchronously evolves keys every 10 to 30 seconds.  We operate outside the limitations of “true” synchronization.

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Our encryption method is non-algebraic, happens on the binary level, is ever-changing, and lives on stand-alone hardware units to eliminate backdoors and user error. Our numbers are legitimate and we would like to show you this tech working in real-time.