About Us

Mission Overview

Our Mission at Encrypted Grid is to be the premier security partner by securing the communications between IT & OT with quantum resistance encryption and adding value, data and intelligence and support the resiliency of the grid against cyber attacks.

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Vision and Purpose

We started this business with a purpose and mission of being a partner in helping to secure our most critical national assets. Our team is dedicated to solving complex problems and adding value, resiliency and security to all our partners.

At Encrypted Grid we understand the challenges cybersecurity practitioners face from adversaries close and far, this is why you will never see our customer logo's on our site.

We are proud partners with some of the country's top organizations and continue to support their quest to gain resiliency and security in a growing threat landscape.
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The Leadership Team

Austin David


Gets Things Done. Uses his words to inspire action. He knows that you know.


Greg Young

Team Player

Does most of the things. Can find him working on important tasks quite regularly.


John Downing

Turbines and Power

Can fix anything in record speed, under any amount of stress, and always with time to spare.


James Azar

Our Guy

Knows exactly where we should be going at all times. Just an uncanny sense of direction.


Brian Penny

Super Theory Geek

Can fragment waves with crystals and clocks, and then bring it all back together again. You try it.

Bryan Kane

Sometimes People Person

Doesn't love talking to people, but he will if he must. Knows how to get people to take healthy risks.


Request a live demo: info@encryptedgrid.com

Our encryption method is non-algebraic, happens on the binary level, is ever-changing, and lives on stand-alone hardware units to eliminate backdoors and user error. Our numbers are legitimate and we would like to show you this tech working in real-time.